Create me Surrender, Trust me Surrender, 2015. To be the One the Lion Beckons For, 2015. My Acting Days are Over, 2015. Your Cloud Followed Me Like a Soft Ocean, 2015. Mineral Creator, 2015.

Evana Roman
Mineral Creator
September 12 — October 4 2015

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 12, 2015

can I shut my eyes while I'm driving
can I ride in the back of your truck
can I dip my rose into a black lake
will you let me love

the rose tilts its'
head away from the
sunset and laughs

the rose lowers her
head, defeated

a tear in the jeans
of the denim sky
rolled up spitball in
the pocket

in the pocket, in the

Do we have a quiz?

Your cloud followed me
like a soft ocean
Hot breath is laying on me
Never becoming me
Wild candles dropping
into a red pond saying sorry