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Curated by Salon Salon
August 15 — 22 2015

Opening Reception:
Saturday, August 15, 2015

Defining yourself in opposition to something is still being anaclitic on that thing, isn’t it? Doesn’t calling something irrelevant make it

“Painting is dead.”

“You’re angry yet I’m still doing me. To be honest, you’re so tight about my life; you sound more like a fan than a hater,” said Painting.

Perhaps there is some biological imperative to make marks with liquid. One hundred years after Malevich reduced painting to ■ we’re standing in a room full of new ones.

Or maybe painting is a zombie. “The Forever Now” was MoMA’s first contemporary painting show since 1984. Yet experts agree that approximately thirty-five to 20,000 paintings were made since 1984. So MoMA finally caved and ceded their wall space to this undead medium.

The cave paintings at Maros predate the Venus of Willendorf by ~10,000 years.

The Mona Lisa is much hotter than the Venus of Willendorf.

You can’t hang the Venus of Willendorf above your couch.

Please join Salon Salon and Motel Gallery in a toast to a few more millennia of a dead medium.