Steel Relief (With Eyes), 2015. Steel Relief, 2015. Lines, 2015. Peanut, 2015.

In Dog Years I'm Dead
Weston Lowe
June 27 — July 26 2015

Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 27, 2015

Motel is pleased to announce "In Dog Years I'm Dead" an exhibition of works by Weston Lowe. The works in this exhibition are composites of industrial mark making: signatures on steel plates used to cover excavated streets, a shipbuilder's welded doodle made during idle time. Lowe often makes copies of things encountered in random searches or while walking to work. His interests are broad but particular in their scale, presenting isolated pieces of language out of context in vast surroundings: a dead link to an online sale, a word imprinted in a scrap of metal, a pixel migrates across a continent to sell you a pair of shoes.

Lowe's practice is discreetly alchemical and made up of a series of transferences. Carbon is burned onto steel, etched into rubber and cast into concrete. His work questions how language interfaces with infrastructures, physical and virtual alike.

We measure time according to the speed of our movements, the duration of our lifetimes. Dog years is an equation, a way to understand two different scales of time. It is a rare moment of understanding our cognizance as relative and incomplete. Lowe's work addresses this with nuance and restraint.

In dog years we'd all be dead.

Weston Lowe (b. 1991, VA) received a BFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2013. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.