Veronika Pausova
Chests in the Current
March 26 — April 17 2016

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 26, 2016

Motel is very pleased to announce Chests in the Current, an exhibition of new paintings by Veronika Pausova.

Pausova’s paintings are idiosyncratic, funny and melancholy. They depict worlds operating outside of the logic and gravity of our own. The subjects of this anomalous choreography move throughout the imagined depths, sometimes clinging to the surface, as if only temporarily bound to the images’ constraints.

In Veronika’s words:

“Fish and boats can be the same thing, a foot is a solid statue, maybe a monument to love, and spiders are a bundle of feelings, crawling to explore the painting, learning to work together, fully aware of themselves as an awkward dance of meaning.

My favorite game is Mario 64. Entering through different doors into different worlds, all contained in the same castle, invisible walls stopping Mario from going off route. Boundaries within boundaries, one space fits into another, and each has different rules to follow; flying, walking, swimming within the limitations of the game’s graphics. I want to fill my paintings with walls that divide one kind of reality from another. Where slanting water becomes a hill and the wind is only blowing on one side of the painting. Where you can set new parameters but play with the same toys, and embrace an imagination that only knows how to speak with the usual words”

Veronika Pausova was born in Prague, Czech Republic and received her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has shown with Sardine, 106 Green, 1708 Gallery and most recently with Paramo Galeria in Guadalajara. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada.