Sydney Shen
What’s Worse Than The Void is Matter
May 6 - June 4, 2017

Opening reception:
Saturday, May 6

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In her first exhibition with the gallery, Sydney Shen considers relationships between inhabitancy and interiority, by constructing a room referential of familiar motifs from horror cinema and hypertext fiction. Shen’s interventions typify genre tropes and question the security of our cell walls. Is otherworldly malevolence a force that lies beyond the threshold or is it already immured inside?

Sydney Shen (b. 1989) lives and works in New York, NY. She received her BFA from The Cooper Union. Some exhibitions include Interstate Projects (Brooklyn), Hester (New York), Fused Space (San Francisco), Derek Eller Gallery (New York), Et Al (San Francisco), American Medium (Brooklyn), Weekends (London), Roberta Pelan (Toronto), Holy Motors (Hong Kong), and New Galerie (Paris). Forthcoming projects include Aike Dellarco (Shanghai) and Springsteen (Baltimore). Shen is co-author of Perfume Area, a book of prose published by Ambient Works (New York).