Kayode Ojo and Winslow Laroche
Taye Diggs
March 18 - April 16, 2017

Opening reception:
Saturday, March 18

A black buck enters a freshly painted room on a winter evening. It doesn’t stare, it coos then looks for low hanging vegetation. Its hooves bounce on unpadded floors. It is your upstairs neighbor, the one who eats yr labeled lunch in the breakroom fridge. Yr clementine… who shits in the middle of the white room, on a winter evening. It was holding that one in for a while. It gives a good look over the shoulder to serve face, then leaps out of the space without looking back again. The space begs. The space weeps. Families hold yr applause until after the announcements r over. There is a brown Cadillac parked illegally out front. License plate number 99 DIGS please report to the front office, the keys r still in the ignition.

Motel is proud to present, Taye Diggs, a two person sculpture and painting show from Kayode Ojo and Winslow Laroche. Certain pieces will be site specific and will not be shown ever again.