Harry Gould Harvey IV
Prudence, Patience, Hope & Despair
April 6 - May 6, 2018
Opening reception:
Friday, April 6, 7—10pm

Motel is pleased to present Prudence, Patience, Hope & Despair, an exhibition of new drawings and sculptures by Harry Gould Harvey IV. The works in the show incorporate foraged materials sourced by the artist on and around the islands of Narragansett Bay. The artist currently lives and works in Tiverton, Rhode Island.

Hurricane season came up strong about 10 years ago, bunch of downed trees. Some Walnut, Spalted Maple, Cherry. The Maple that came my way was inoculated with fungus. Rotted. Dead. Pale. Fungus were the culprits responsible for beautiful marks, lines and coloration. Found a bone on the beach of Prudence Island, wish I knew what animal it came from. Had to take an hour boat ride from the peninsula I live on - Nanaquaket Neck - on The Gut, down stream from Sin & Flesh brook. Got my boat for $200 from squirrel flu Kirb. It was a choppy day the wind was whipping and lashing the waters - felt more like sand being pelted against my cheek. All the islands in Narragansett Bay like green beacons of untouchedness. Passed Despair, an outcropping of black rocks nested by turkey vultures, planing past Hope to my east, around Patience to my west, finally to land on Prudence. Road my bike down the winding dirt road, around the World War II-era forts and bunkers that sunk German U-boats. My friend Joseph owns a few acres of the sparsely populated Prudence. Met him with his 80s Toyota truck, it’s a color I’ve studied but am not able to distinguish. A color worn through in some places - somewhere between pinkish rust and blood red enamel. I found the bone set right there next to some oyster shells. Gulls - good sea fairing birds - dive bombed me on Dyer for getting too close to their hatchlings. Got some wood in the lot of the Wamsutta mill, Boxwood Elder, with Red Rot In it.